Turning spend data into actionable procurement insights

Pulling all of your spend data together into a single system is only the beginning of the challenge – it’s how you turn those financial numbers into meaningful insights that is the key to excellent procurement decision making.

ProIntell combines expert consultancy input with a unique spend analytics platform to achieve exactly that.  The output is a cloud-based intelligence solution, providing access to a suite of dashboards and reporting tools that deliver immediate insights… 

…not just into exactly how much you’re spending, what you’re spending it on and who you’re spending it with – but how factors such as current trading conditions, currency changes, commodity prices and supplier performance will influence your options for achieving procurement excellence for the long term.

  • Easy to set-up - Monthly subscription-based service requiring no capital investment, set-up costs or IT installation.
  • Categorised Data - Your data cleansed and categorised, to give complete clarity into your entire non-pay spend.
  • Savings Opportunities - Suite of dashboards and reporting tools that deliver immediate insight into category, supplier and contract spend.
  • Expert Review - Quarterly expert review and reporting by our consultants with essential insights and clear, actionable recommendations.
  • Access Everywhere - A cloud-based platform enabling you and your organisation to analyse your spend everywhere.

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