Sustainable performance improvement requires both organisational change and the upskilling of procurement resources.  However, many Executives express concerns when it comes to their own organisation’s ability to implement major change - with many promising initiatives failing to embed for the long term.  

Procura work with organisations as they journey up the procurement maturity curve from ‘operational’ to ‘excellent’, shifting from an availability focus through price focus to cost focus and finally a value focus.  Each step change requires an effective alignment with broader organisational goals - in terms of Strategy, Processes, Strategic Sourcing, Infrastructure & Tools and Resources.

Savings realisation over time chart


Procurement Transformation is often most effectively driven through this process of significant step changes – for example procurement category management, total cost of ownership and supplier relationship management.   Procura support organisations through these transformational stages through a combination of coaching, advisory services, hands-on support and direct management.

We offer support across the following areas:

  • Procurement Transformation Plans
  • Procurement Strategy Development
  • Category Management implementation
  • Introduction of Supplier Relationship Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Organisational restructure
  • Lead-buyer organisational development
  • Collaborative Procurement

Case Studies:

Specialist Procurement Training

Procurement resources are arguably the most valuable assets in any organisation. Investment in resources provides an excellent return - but training and development must be targeted, specialist and support long term embedding.

Procura have developed several specialist tools which enable us to precisely pinpoint individual and functional training needs, helping clients to precisely tailor their training and development and deliver the biggest returns.

Competency learning chart


We develop and deliver bespoke training and development programmes to support our clients - from ‘Procurement 101’ to specialist programmes supporting Category Management, Supplier Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management.

Procura supports organisations across the following areas:

  • Procurement Training Needs Assessment
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Bespoke Training and Coaching programmes
  • Category Management training


Our Expertise

We have a tried and tested methodology enabling us to rapidly and efficiently deliver clear and actionable analysis to clients. We deliver more than 20 spend analysis projects a year for clients.

Our clients range from small companies to global corporations, as well as Private Equity portfolio investors.

We are specialists in procurement cost reduction. Our consultants work closely with all kinds of organisations to improve their profitability through identifying, delivering and maintaining savings in procurement expenditure. A relentless focus on bottom-line results combined with our deep supply-market knowledge ensures that spend is optimised – and stays optimised.

  • Our team has achieved over £25m in savings
  • Projects are self-funding with no risk for clients
  • We work closely with your people to embed best practice
  • Our unique spend intelligence service ensures ongoing savings